Debaters are admitted to prestigious Universities, with 98.58% of debaters going to college

Luong, M. (2000, November). Forensics and College Admissions.

Rostrum, 75(3), 5-6

Local student coaches

Operated & coached by local college students

all levels

Open to students grade 5-12, of all skill & experience levels

individualized learning

Small classes with well-trained coaches

applied skills

Students showcase their mastery of debate at the Showcase Debate


The mission of Carnegie Debate is to prepare the leaders of tomorrow through lively, fun and well-structured debate activities. Our debate program extends the benefits of high school and college-style debate instruction to younger students, instilling self-confidence and setting them up for academic and personal success throughout their lives.

Mission Statement

Mission Statement



Debate Teaches a Child to:

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We welcome late elementary, middle, and high school students of all experience-levels; we offer classes in three formats. 

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Our classes are held on weekends  at our headquarters, located at 4620 Henry Street, Pittsburgh, PA.



Research Evidence
Deliver Speeches
JOin Student Government
Present with Clarity
Be a competitive debator
Gain Confidence
Persuade parents
Learn History and Politics
Think Critically


What to Expect During a Free Class:
Your child will attend one of our Pittsburgh classes, meet our world-class coaches and see if debate will be an enjoyable addition to their academic resume -- all for free! Leave your info, and we’ll reach out to you.

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