Carnegie Debate Goes Virtual: now recruiting new cohort students for a new type of debate class. Learn more about the Debate Through Stories virtual class here. 

Dear Visitor,

I started Carnegie Debate three years ago, as a freshman in college. Our aim was to teach children debate and public speaking. Debate played a critical role in my own development, and in my journey to Harvard Law School, where I will start in the fall.

Since the COVID-19 pandemic, I have been thinking about how we can not only teach debate skills in a virtual environment, but actually benefit from the virtual medium. I have created a class that teaches debate and argument-construction through a focus on storytelling. This is an innovative class that examines the role of narratives in discourse, such as political speeches, archival materials, history books, and court cases. Students will become better debaters, speakers, writers, and self-advocates. 

Students can be of any age between late elementary and early high school. Debate experience is not necessary and not expected. Our classes will be stratified by age and experience. I will be teaching the class, along with hand-picked assistant coaches.

Learn more about the virtual class here. 

If you have a child who might be interested, please leave your information here, and feel free to contact me directly at (917) 657-1703. I would be happy to answer any questions directly.

Greg Volynsky

Founder, Carnegie Debate

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We're a debate club in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, coaching late elementary, middle, and high school students of all levels of experience. We seek to inspire courage and conversation; to stimulate, provoke, and open young minds. 


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Carnegie Debate has a team of personable and talented debate Coaches. Our Coaches are local college students who are nationally recognized debaters and performers.

Our Students say:

"I think debate is an extracurricular that will definitely help me stand out on my college applications"

— Shravan P.



What to Expect During a Free Class:
Your child will attend one of our Pittsburgh classes, meet our world-class coaches and see if debate will be an enjoyable addition to their academic resume -- all for free! Leave your info, and we’ll reach out to you.

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